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The Lonely Christmas Project

The Story

I wish that I was home for Christmas

So I could give you everything that's on your wish list

Some people take a car, take a plane

Shooting stars with my name pick me up so I can travel the distance


This is all a dream

I wake up and go to work for the big machine

Under blood red skies and, money green rain drops

Black car surges and eighteen train stops.

Tell me it will be just fine,

Tell me it will be just fine if you wanna.

Christmas lights with no trees to decorate

I got money to blow with nobody to celebrate...


The Story

The Visual

The Visual

The Visual

The Adventure

The Adventure

Muji Visit on Christmas Day
NYC Subway
Lonely Christmas at Trump Tower
The Tree at Rockefeller Center
Happy Channukah!
Lonely Christmas Selfie
Center of the Street on Christmas
Grand Central Christmas Bunch
Holiday Fair at Grand Central
The Crowd is Looking for A Tree
Radio City on Christmas Night
Christmas Tree at Union Square
Union Square
Happy Chanukah!!
Another Tree
More People
Nap Time in Union Square
Christmas on The Plaza
A White-ish Christmas
In short; I became a tourist.
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