Born and raised in Elmira, a small town in upstate New York, KIRU has probably spent the greater of his years listening to music. Gospel was the genre for the christian home he grew up in, and he was often heard belting the notes and famous riffs of singer/songwriter Karen Clark Sheard on "Jesus is A Love Song", the very performance that inspired (and continues to inspire) him to sing. He was very active in his local church choir.

KIRU had been writing ever since 2008, but only found his unique voice in recent years, after experiencing some of the ups and downs life has had to offer. During high school, he was introduced to recording software, which (naturally) opened up a whole new world in the universe of music for him. He recorded his first project entitled "On My Own" in 2013.

While attending Corning Community College, KIRU studied voice, theater, and music theory. An active member of the Expressions Club, he headlined at a local coffeehouse and performed his original song "Carry On". He has sung before many audiences both great and small, with praises from Community leaders, the Mayor of Elmira, and former president of Morehouse.